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Best barely-there-pink blushes

Estée Lauder in "Lovers Blush"

Estée Lauder in "Brazen Bronze"

Estée Lauder in "Alluring Rose"

Chanel Contraste Powder Blush Joues Contraste in "Jersey"

Chanel Contraste Powder Blush Joues Contraste in "Innocence"

If you´re pale like me and like to build up a blush instead of getting it too heavy from the start, these blushes from Estée Lauder and Chanel are all excellent choices that are lightly pigmented in beautiful colours. I actually want them all. However, I got my self the "Innocence" from Chanel, although I do need to buy some of the others as well...There is nothing to brighten the face like a good blush, in the exact right shade...

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Best barely-there-pink blushes + smink