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A new favourite skin lotion [also for Kelly Wearstler]

OUTER BEAUTY It´s back. It´s still yellow. Still the same bottle. It´s still a bestseller. But, it is actually updated for todays demands on skincare. It took Clinique 6,5 years, 3 dermatologists, 53 researchers and 100 formula tries before they nailed the new lotion. The big thing with the new Dramatically different moisturising lotion + from Clinique is that it´s working while on the skin. It´s said to double the moisture level during the day and improves the moisture barrier with 58%. What is also new to this version, and this I personally love, is the adding of hyaluronic acid (which is pure magic for moisturising skin). I have been using this lotion now for over a month, and I must admit, it kind of feels like I´m back to the 90´s and I´m loving it. My main concern was wether this should be enough for my rather dry skin. I definitely think so. It feels lightweight but isn´t on the skin. So, this is a new favourite for keeps. And don´t miss the ├╝ber gorgeous designer Kelly Wearstler who not only talks about this new lotion but shows a real glimpse of her fabulous life and work in LA.

[Video via Youtube Kelly Wearstler x Clinique for Into the Gloss]

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A new favourite skin lotion [also for Kelly Wearstler] + Kelly Wearstler for Clinique